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Apply for a Place for September 2023

September 2023 Nursery or Reception places 

Please come along to one of our school tours / open mornings to find out for yourself what makes Swaffield a great place for your child's primary education. We will be very happy to show you and your child around Swaffield. 

 Tours of the School  Book a tour on your preferred date 

Date  Time
Friday 16th September 9.30am
Friday 30th September 9.30am
Monday 3rd October 1.45pm
Friday 14th October 9.30am
Monday 17th October 1.45pm
 Open Mornings  Book your preferred date 
Friday 4th November 9.15am
Friday 18th November 9.15am

You can also get in touch with our School Office by phone or email and we'd be delighted to arrange your visit. 

Tel: 020 8874 2825

Email: swaffield@swaffield.wandsworth.sch.uk  

Welcome and Video

We recommend that you visit our Welcome page to see a message from Ms Hamilton, our Head Teacher, and to watch our school video which will give you a true feel for our school. 

How to apply for a place for September 2023

Please click on the links for either Nursery or Reception below to visit the relevant page which contains details of how to apply and the deadlines: 

Admissions - Nursery Admissions - Reception

What Do People Say About Swaffield?

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