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About Nursery

Nursery is part of the Foundation Stage. Please read our Phase Information page for details. 

The Nursery teachers are always happy to speak to parents to answer any concerns or questions about anything to do with their child. Please get in touch by calling the School Office on 020 8874 2825 or email swaffield@swaffield.wandsworth.sch.uk and the office team will pass this onto the teachers. 

Nursery Team

Miss Free

I Teacher


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I Teaching Assistant (1-to-1)


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What We Are Learning

Here is the topic web for what our Nursery children are learning this half term. 

The Nursery team is always happy to speak to parents to answer any concerns or questions about anything to do with their child. Please get in touch by calling the School Office on 020 8874 2825 or email swaffield@swaffield.wandsworth.sch.uk and the office team will pass this onto the teacher. 

News & Dates

We send letters and other important information to parents and carers via email. It's really important that you ensure the School Office has your current email address.


  • Wednesday 13th December: Early Years Performance for Nursery parents and carers - in the Bottom Hall at 9.15am
  • Friday 15th December: Christmas Lunch Day
  • Check the Diary page for other whole school dates. 

Key Information

You can view or download lots of useful information about Nursery below:

Keep up-to-date with what's happening:





 Term Dates 

The School Day

Start of the Day

Drop off: Nursery Playground 

  • 8:45am - 8:55am
  • Please make sure your child arrives at school in their 10-minute window each morning and is picked up on time at the end of their session.

Break Time:

Milk is available at break time for those who have signed up to the Cool Milk service. Milk is free for under 5’s as well as those who get free school meals and subsidised for all other primary school children. Find out more including how to register by visiting www.coolmilk.com


Lunch for children begins at 11.30am. 
Follow this link for information about school lunch and our menu.

You may decide on a half-termly basis whether your child will have school lunch or packed lunch and need to inform the School Office if you wish to change.

End of the Day: 

Pick up: Nursery Playground

Collection time: 3:30pm Please collect your child promptly at the end of the session.

You should phone the School Office if you are delayed. If you have arranged for someone else to collect your child, please inform the class teacher or other member of the Nursery Team.

Settling In

The Induction Booklet for Nursery gives you information about the school routine and how to help your child settle in.

We will work together with you to help your child settles happily into Nursery. In accordance with the Early Years Foundation Stage guidance, your child will be assigned a ‘Key Person’ at Swaffield Nursery. The whole Nursery team will ensure your child feels safe and cared for in the Nursery and will play an active role in your child’s development. Your child’s key person takes particular responsibility for making sure that your child’s needs are being met appropriately, and that records of development and progress are shared with parents and other professionals as necessary.

Should you wish to share successes or have any concerns regarding your child, please talk to your key person.


Nursery pupils must wear school uniform but do not need a P.E. kit.

Please visit our Uniform page for details of our uniform and the link to the supplier where it can be ordered.

Parents Seeing Teachers

We're always available to talk to you on a daily basis if you have anything that you'd like to discuss. In the autumn and spring terms we have Parent Evenings.

However, if you have any concerns or questions about anything to do with your child, please don’t wait for a formal meeting, but contact us right away.

Teachers are happy to make an appointment for before or after school. The Head, and Deputy Heads are very happy to see parents and carers at almost any time. If you prefer, you can ring to make an appointment to see either of them.

Likewise we might discuss any concerns we have with relevant professionals and will inform parents if any action is required to support your child

We want parents to feel welcome in our school. Please see your child’s teacher if you would like to help, for example, by accompanying classes on outings or helping with reading for the first half-hour of the day.


Please take a look at our Reading List for Nursery and Reception.


If you wish, you can send in a plate of fruit or donate a book to your child’s class and write a birthday message inside.

Swaffield is a 'Healthy School' and, as such, we do not allow sweets, chocolate or cakes to be brought into the classroom. This includes birthday cakes. You may provide a plate of prepared fruit for the class to share if you wish.

If you wish you can buy a book to donate to your child's class and it will be inscribed:

"This book has been donated to Class ... to celebrate the birthday of ..."

(It is always best to check the suitability of a particular book, with the class teacher, before you purchase it.)

Remote Learning 

In the event of school or year group closure, Nursery's learning will be via Tapestry. 

Remote Learning Timetable for Nursery

Home Learning Resources





Online Safety

Click on the green box below for information about online safety. 

Advice for online safety

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