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Digital Leaders

We place huge importance on keeping children safe online and equipping them with the knowledge and tools, in an age-appropriate way, to use the internet and technology safely. 

Swaffield is proud to have been accredited by Childnet International (a registered UK charity that aims to make the internet a safe place for children and young people) to run its Digital Leaders training in school. Swaffield has a team of children who are trained Digital Leaders who support E-safety in school. 

The Digital Leaders are a group of children who are part of an in-depth training programme which is accredited by Childnet International . This ensures the Digital Leaders Team has robust knowledge to support e-safety at Swaffield.

In addition to our first Digital Leaders, we have just recruited and started training a new group of 23 children who have begun the Childnet International training. 

Recently, the Childnet Team spent the day with our first group of Swaffield Digital Leaders to create a module for their Digital Leaders platform. Swaffield children created a storyboard, images and learnt a script before filming the module.

Find out more about the day here 


The Childnet team said:

“ The Swaffield Digital Leaders give top tips, narrate and illustrate a story, as well as introduce the module. They were naturals on camera and provided us with some very helpful and intelligent insights. They were super enthusiastic and very focused. The online module will be part of our e-learning platform where 400 schools will access the content and learn about screen time in their schools.”

Watch Our Digital Leaders in Action 

These films were created by Swaffield Digital Leaders with Childnet International for their Digital Leaders' Primary Platform: 

Priya's Story -VIDEO




Screen Time and Healthy Balance Introduction - VIDEO



Swaffield Digital Leaders - Top Tips VIDEO


Support for Parents

Parents can find lots of information about online safety for their children by visiting our

  Online Safety Zone.