Swaffield School

Eid Assembly

During a special assembly on 28th April, we learned more about Islam and the holy month of Ramadan from some of our pupils and Dr Eman Mansoor. Thank you to the parents from the Wandsworth Town Ahmaddiya Community who arranged the assembly with the help of Ms Crolle.

The children looked fantastic, dressed in their celebration outfits. We enjoyed hearing Danish reciting a poem and Naila shared extracts from the Holy Quran and Naveed translated them into English. The children explained the importance of Ramadan and why Muslims fast during that time, then went on to explain how their families celebrate Eid. 

Thank you to Naveed, Danish, Bushra, Saffa, Muneef, Naghmana, Aasma, Naila, Hashaam, our parents from the Ahmadiyya Community, and Dr Eman Mansoor. We wish everyone Eid Mubarak.