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Clubs For The Whole Community

In addition to clubs that we run for Swaffield pupils, a number of other clubs are held at Swaffield School that are open to children and or adults in the wider community and which are run by external suppliers. These take place in the evenings or at weekends. 

‘B.O.S.S. ‘Acting School 

‘Be On Stage & Screen ‘Acting School



We have limited spaces left in our classes so,


Any Swaffield students that enroll to a class in September get a FREE BOSS T-SHIRT worth £12.00! 

Boss Acting could not be MORE EXCITED to be starting another new year
at the wonderful Swaffield school, let's get performing!!!!


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About ‘Be On Stage & Screen ‘Acting School


B.O.S.S. (Be On Stage & Screen) Acting School is a new cutting-edge drama school offering classical actor training with a fresh and innovative twist! 

We teach children of all ages the skill of performance on stage AND screen.

Our little actors train in all performance skills, merging the highest professional level tuition with an exciting and dynamic experience. 

At B.O.S.S. we put Self-Expression in the spotlight! We build children’s confidence and help them find their voice. We want them to know they are worthy of anything they set their heart on!




16:00 – 17:00

Showbies (Ages 3-5)

 16:00 – 17:30

MINI Stage and Screen (Ages 5-7)

MAXI Stage and Screen (Ages 7-11)



 09:00 – 10:00

Showbies (Ages 2-5)

 10:00 – 11:30

MINI Stage and Screen (Ages 5-7)

MAXI Stage and Screen (Ages 7-11)


BOOK YOUR FREE TRIAL HERE - https://boss-acting.class4kids.co.uk 


Showbies - 60 Minutes - £39.50 per month

Stage & Screen - 90 minutes - £52.00 per month

We offer 10% off for your Sibling when they enrol!


 Book Now: https://boss-acting.class4kids.co.uk

Email: BossActingSchool@gmail.com

Website: www.BossActingSchool.co.uk

Telephone: 0203 9876 074

Social Media: @BossActingSchool  


  • Small class sizes (10 children MAX)
  • High class professional training - all mediums (Film & TV, Stage Acting, Singing, Dance etc)
  • EYFS class structure for our smallest actors
  • A performance per term to see your little one shine
  • Taught by professional actors
  • Industry standard film equipment
  • Footage sent home to keep and share
  • An industry professional workshop and/or talk each term
  • Performance Examinations (LAMDA, TRINITY, RSL, ABRSM)
  • Connections to the Industry and support for children perusing a career

To Book Classes or a Free Trial:  please email us or Visit our Website!

About our ‘Stage & Screen’ classes

FROM AGES 5 – 11

Our stage acting modules encourage students to become big and bold, learning how to use their voices and bodies to tell a story whether this is through script, singing, movement or dance.

However, the unique approach through our stage framework is that the work is led solely on the children’s’ ideas. They are encouraged to use their imagination, come up with their own concepts, write their own scenes rather than just be handed material for adaptation. This approach builds confidence, stimulates creativity which allows the teaching staff to blend their experience with the students to produce highly unique storylines.

In our camera lessons, our students learn completely new acting skills. Our actors are taught to bring stories and characters to life in an understated, naturalistic way. Acting to camera means they get to explore the vulnerability of being themselves, discovering their own emotions, without being able to hide behind a ’larger than life character’. Our students learn to develop a truthful, emotional connection with the script that is captured through the camera lens, to create a meaningful and powerful performance.

When filming, we encourage students to explore all roles behind the camera and production, so they get the experience of a professional set from all of the different angles. This encourages a much more informed perspective of the production process and brings about a respect for all of the skills and competences that need to work in harmony to deliver a first-class performance. This also teaches them a good sense of community and teamwork, solving problems on set and working as a crew. Our screen work doesn't end when the class is over our students can re-watch their footage at home and keep forever!

At BOSS, we only allow very small numbers of students per class (12 MAX) with two teachers. This means our actors receive a very personal teaching approach, making sure we can cater to their specific strengths and goals. This also allows us to operate as a small theatre company connecting with each other, gaining confidence and using their imagination on an individual journey.

Finally, our actors embark on a performance at the end of every term including showcases, red carpet movie screenings and cinematic musicals.
There are also opportunities throughout the year to take performance examinations such as LAMDA, TRINITY, RLS and ABRSM.

About our ‘Showbies’ classes

Our SHOWBIES classes are for our smallest actors (2-5 years) Every lesson they embark on a new drama mission based on an Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) topic. Examples we have created are an Alien Space mission, Underwater with mermaids and Safari adventures. As a consequence, our budding actors are being exposed to themes that are fully in line with the education process followed in all schools.

We make videos recorded by professional actors for every lesson. The actor becomes a character in a narrative written by the teaching staff, with which the children fully interact. They often have to help or save the principal character in the story.

This has been an unbelievable discovery! We have found that having a visual representation of a character on screen has changed the way our tiny actors invest in the mission; they use their imagination in a more intense and passionate way. Our young people become completely immersed in this vivid, vibrant story that transport them to another world in which they play a vital part in saving the day!

Working on a different Topic each week allows us to expose their minds to the world about them and to expand their education in a fun way. It also allows them to build in confidence, develop excellent communication skills and learn how to work as part of a successful team.

Long side the mission approaches our SHOWBIES work on a EYFS musical that they perform to their families at the end of each term as a major showcase event. The musical combines all of the elements they have learned through class and allows them to show how much they have learned and developed whilst building confidence in front of an audience.


Wandsworth School Of Gymnastics 
Click on the link below

Wandsworth School Of Gymnastics

Wandsworth School of Gymnastics is based in different locations in South West London and hold classes at Swaffield on Thursdays.

Their Gymnastic Class is great for confidence building, self esteem, motor skills, balance and coordination.

The children learn floor gymnastics such as handstands, cartwheels, forward rolls, backward rolls, handsprings etc and also on the apparatus (bars, beams, vault, air tracks etc).

Wandsworth School of Gymnastics specialises in working  with children from 2 years old to adults. 

Wandsworth School of Gymnastics is offering new members a 10 percent discount
off September fees if they book before 20th September 2021.

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Use this link to book the weekly classes and holiday camps at Swaffield School.

YOGA With Amanda

YOGA With Amanda 


Yoga Flow to Restore: Thursday Evenings 7-8pm

To book your place and for more details email: amandagloveryoga@btinternet.com
or call: 07956-215043
Come and Try a Free Class!

Or you can join on Zoom, from the comfort of your own home.