Play Activities

What goes on in the Playground at Lunchtime?

As part of Swaffield’s continuous commitment to improvement, we look at our outdoor spaces, how they are being used, particularly during playtimes and how we can improve the whole experience.

We always include the children and staff in the decision making for any changes and we have support from the governors and the parents.

The play areas are zoned so that a variety of games and activities can be available every day.

We have  a dedicated team of staff who are happy to engage with the children as well as looking after their welfare and safety. The range of activities are changed every day and the children get the opportunity to decide what is on offer.


Playground Activity Leaders (PALs)

Swaffield pioneered a new playground initiative that teaches children leadership skills. children have to apply to train as Playground Activity Leaders  a national programme for youngsters aged between 9 and 13. They undergo a strict programme of training and practical sessions and are observed putting these skills into practise during the play time. This has been an enormous success and we now have many of our children who have received this award. The young leaders play an important part in the lunchtime experience, at Swaffield, as older children who look after their younger peers.

We continue to make improvements all the time and we are very proud that we have achieved:-

  • an increased number of children involved in positive play,
  • an improvement in behaviour,
  • a positive attitude to PE and Sport,
  • an increase in confidence and self-esteem among children and staff,
  • an improvement in social skills and team work,
  • lots of fun at lunchtime.