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We have a variety of clubs and extra curricular activities which enhance the children’s learning and create links with our local community.

This initiative commenced in Autumn 2011 and has had a huge impact not only on our pupils but members of our community. Currently our outreach projects involve, among other things, children in Eco Club, Knight School, Junior Choir and Swaffield’s Crystal Palace Football Club.

Around The World In Eighty Days? … Swaffield School Does It in One on 22nd February 2017

Pupils at Swaffield Primary School today went Around the World in a single day.  The school is culturally rich with children representing 59 different countries and speaking 46 languages in addition to English and Around the World Day was a celebration of this fabulous diversity.

The countries represented were England, Wales, Scotland, Jamaica, Denmark, France, Italy, Sweden, Poland, Spain, Slovakia, Albania, Burma, Algeria, Australia, South Africa, China, Brazil, Iran, Honduras, Nigeria, Pakistan, Mauritius, India, Senegal, Somalia, United States of America, and Antarctica.

Swaffield was delighted to be joined by Dr Rosena Allin-Khan, MP for Tooting, at Around the World Day. The children were very excited to meet their local MP and to share this wonderful day with her. Dr Allin-Khan spoke to the children in assembly then toured the 28 countries on show, chatting to children, parents, staff and friends and enjoying hearing about the background of Swaffield families.

With a special Swaffield School Passport in hand, the children spent Around the World Day visiting stalls for each country and learning about its location, traditions, food, culture and language and earned a stamp in their passport for each visit.

Parents, carers, friends and staff hosting the stalls used items such as sports equipment, music & musical instruments, national dress, books, food and recipes, maps and pictures to give the children a real feel for each country.  The stalls displayed facts about the country and different phrases in its language and on view was everything from koala bears, chopsticks, flags, maps, drums, currency, seashells, penguins, sports equipment, cooking utensils and typical foods, children’s storybooks in different languages (including The Gruffalo in Scots), traditional clothing and much more.

Some Past Highlights

Friendship Assembly with West Side Church

The children enjoyed the assembly about friendship led by Anne and Rosie from West Side Church on 19th May. Three budding actors were chosen from the audience to act out the story of friends David and Jonathan and performed it with great energy. Here are some photos:

Bring-A-Pound For Nepal

We held a Bring-A-Pound Day for Nepal on 14th May to support Unicef’s Nepal Disaster Appeal.
We are very grateful to everyone who so generously donated to our collection and raised an amazing £432.86 – we’re sure it will be a great help to the children and families of Nepal.

We were really please to hear from Bhuban Karki, Under-Secretary, Ministry of Finance, Nepal who wrote to us in reply to a letter written to him by two of our pupils. You can read his letter here.

Young And Old Celebrate the 70th Anniversary of VE Day

We were joined by The Friendship Group from West Side Church for our fabulous VE Day 70th Anniversary celebrations on Friday 8th May. To the delight of their cheering neighbours, the children, teachers and staff were dressed in red, white and blue, waving Union Jacks and singing “It’s A Long Way To Tipperary” as we paraded with parents down Swaffield Road, Garratt Lane and then back to school.

During the parade, The Friendship Group had the difficult task of selecting a winner in a Cake Competition into which parents had entered some spectacularly decorated cakes and cupcakes with a VE Day theme. Once back at school the children, teachers, staff and parents gathered in the playground. There, they listened to some war poems read by two Year 6 pupils and wonderful memories of VE Day 1945 shared by three members of The Friendship Group from West Side Church, two of whom had been pupils at Swaffield School during World War II.

Not even the typical British weather could affect the wonderful afternoon which was rounded off with rousing renditions of wartime favourites “It’s a Long Way to Tipperary” and “Pack Up Your Troubles” which were sung beautifully and with passion despite the falling rain. The finale of the day came when Swaffield’s Chamber Choir sang a very moving “White Cliffs of Dover” to the members of  The Friendship Group.

Picture: Former Swaffield pupils, Joan and John, cut the winning cake.

Our Headteacher, Mrs Lilley, said “We are really proud to have celebrated this very important anniversary with our pupils, The Friendship Group, parents, community and staff in a day I’m sure the children and adults will never forget”.

Here are some pictures of our 70th Anniversary of VE Day Celebrations.


Spring Term 2015

Messy Easter at West Side Church

70 children with their parents joined our friends at West Side Church for some Easter fun! They all had the opportunity to make Easter Day cakes, decorate Chick Cakes, make baby animal masks, make marble painting, create their own mini gardens, go on an Easter Egg Hunt, and do an egg & spoon race. Finally, after listening to the Easter story, the children acted it out to the grownups. Here are some photos:

Tuesday 17th March – Messy Easter Assembly

Rosie and Anne from West Side Church visited school today to share a special puppet performance of the Easter Story. Then, with the help of three of our children, performed part of the Easter story for our assembly.

Tuesday 3rd February – Year 5 Celebrated Jamaica Day 

Year 5’s focus in Geography this term is Jamaica. Miss Crolle (whose family is from Jamaica) introduced the topic by telling Year 5 a story in Jamaican Patois – So Much!and teaching the pupils and their teachers Jamaican dance moves. The music they danced to was ‘One Love’ by Bob Marley who would have been 70 years old on 6th February. Here are some photos:

Thursday 5th February

Miss Crolle and her group of Reception children had fun making Bob Birthday Biscuits to celebrate Bob Marley’s birthday; he would have been 70 on 6th February. You can see some photos in the slideshow above. 

Friday 6th February

To celebrate Bob Marley’s 70th birthday Class H worked with Miss Crolle to make their own version of his famous song ‘One Love’. You can listen to it on NUMU here.


Autumn Term 2014

Puppet Christmas Story – 19th December 2014

Thank you to our friends Rosie and Anne from West Side Church who performed a Puppet Christmas Story, the story of The Nativity, for the younger children on the last day of term. The children loved the play and afterwards some of the children acted out the story in lovely costumes.

Swaffield Children Bringing Joy and Smiles to Many at Christmas

Swaffield Junior Choir, ECO Action Team and Class 2I brought Christmas cheer to many as we led up to the festive season. The Junior Choir sang to the Friendship Group, Hestia and Home Start and supported the latter two by singing and fundraising. They sang outside Earlsfield Station for Hestia and raised £73.76 which will go towards Hestia’s summer trips. They sang at Sainsbury’s for Home Start and raised £98.40 which will buy materials to train volunteers for the Home Start charity.
ECO Action Team decorated Hestia’s hall for their Christmas party with decorations made from recycled materials. 2I sang songs from their Christmas play to Hazeldene Nursing Home and made them decorations. They were joined by Rev. Martin Edwards from St. Mary Magdalen Wandsworth.

Messy Christmas

On Sunday 7th December, many Swaffield pupils and their family members joined our friends at West Side Church for a fun morning of Christmas arts and crafts as well as games. The children had the opportunity to decorate baubles, decorate gift boxes and fill them with Frankincense, gold chocolate bars and myrrh, paint angels & shooting stars, decorate edible Christmas stars, play festive football and beat the postie. The afternoon ended with them listening to The Christmas Story and a few were chosen to act out the story for everyone. The children also visited the stable where they met Mary, Joseph & Baby Jesus and listened as they told them about their long trip all the way from Bethlehem. Here are some photos:

An Assembly about Relationships – 25th November 2014

Anne and Rosie from West Side Church joined us for assembly on 25th November to talk about relationships with family, friends and other people at school.
Anne told Jesus’ story about The Prodigal Son with the help of some volunteers.  Eight children were chosen to dress up and act out the story for the audience. Enthusiastically, they played the parts of the father, two sons, a farmer, a servant and three friends, to the amusement of the audience.
Afterwards, Anne asked all the children in assembly to take a few minutes to reflect on a relationship that they are in and think about what they could do or say that day to make it better. Rosie went on to tell them about a fun “Messy Christmas” at West Side Church on 7th December, to which Swaffield pupils and their families and friends are invited.

Black History Month – October 2014

In our Black History Assembly, Miss Crolle shared information about Dr Martin Luther King and the impact that he had on the World. She showed a clip of his “I have a dream” speech which has inspired 12 children from Knight School to shared their dreams too. Here’s what they said:

Knight School Children’s ‘I Have A Dream Sentence’

“I have a dream that all the animals in the world can be loved and not harmed or killed.”

“I have a dream that there will be food for everyone so nobody will ever starve again.”

“I have a dream that all things we throw away can be recycled so there is no more rubbish in the world.”

“I have a dream that every family can have a mum, dad, brother and sister and that they can all live happily together in one house.”

 “I have a dream that less people will use cars so the air is nice and clean to breathe.”

“I have a dream that there will be no more junk food in the world so we can all live a long and healthy life.”

“I have a dream that people will be able to visit different countries around the world without feeling worried or scared.”

“I have a dream that every child in the world can go to school to learn.”

“I have a dream that nobody will ever use naughty words that hurt people’s feelings.”

“I have a dream that we can all live in a free and peaceful world without war.” 

                    “I have a dream that more children will like to play cricket because it is so much fun.”

“I have a dream that every sick person can see a doctor even if they have no money.”

Eid Assembly 7th October 2014 & Samosa Sale

Our Eid Assembly began with beautiful singing by Samrah, Maria, Hala, Shomaila, Amtul and Aleem, after which they gave an excellent explanation of how Eid is celebrated and answered questions from their audience.
We’re very grateful to the Wandsworth Ahmadiyya Community who found the time to help the girls prepare for the assembly, at the same time as being very busy with their family celebrations,  and then came in to school to decorate the hall so wonderfully for us. We’d also like to thank them for, very kindly, making and donating samosas for Eid. £185 was raised from the samosa sale after school from which the proceeds will go to Macmillan Cancer Support.

Messy Harvest 5th October 2014

Over 100 children and adults attended Messy Harvest at West Side Church.  Everyone had the opportunity to play traditional Harvest games, do paintings of foods from around the world, make jam tarts, comic strips and listen to a Bible Harvest Story. Some children later acted out the story for the grown ups.  Everyone was taught The Harvest Samba Song which Swaffield had sung at their Harvest assembly earlier that week. All commented as they left at midday what a wonderful fun morning they had had!

Harvest Festival Donations – September & October 2014

Thank-you to everyone who has donated food for Harvest Festival to be given to Wandsworth Foodbank. Dan Frith, Manager of Wandsworth Food Bank said ‘Thank you so much for these donations, they will help many families’. Here are some of the photos of the donations:
Our friends from West Side Church led two special harvest festival assemblies on 30th September. Anne told shared a Bible story about harvest and Rosie explained how the children’s food donations will help others who are less fortunate. Here are some of the photos from the assemblies:

Eid Assembly 10 July 2014

In our Eid Assembly, Aliba, Amtul, Maria, Hala, Shomaila, Samrah and Baria
explained why Muslims fast during Ramadan. The children also sang beautifully
for the audience.
One of the Ahmadiyya Community Wandsworth, who joined us for the assembly, said: “I would like to say thank you very much to all of you for attending this Eid Assembly and to Mrs Lilley and Miss Crolle for giving us the opportunity. Thanks a lot again.”


Messy Church

A handful of Swaffield children, with their families joined West Side Church members on Sunday 29th June to learn about Pentecost and how the church (all churches) began. It was a fun-packed morning of crafts and games and concluded with a birthday party for the church.  Guided by the theme of language, wind and fire, the children made flags for different countries and wrote hello in different languages. They also made a flame collage with paints, paper aeroplanes and fans, decorated birthday mini cakes, wind chimes, decorated candles and played games including blow football. Here are some photos:


An enthusiastic group of drummers and dancers from school visited the Friendship Group at West Side Church last week with Miss Crolle, Miss Lufflum and Miss Tobin. The children each had an opportunity to show their audience what they’d learnt and were applauded for the great show. At the end of the visit, the children joined the audience in singing happy birthday to John Cox (a pupil at Swaffield from 1945 to 1956) whose birthday was on the day of the visit.

We were delighted this week when Sheila Kilkenny, from the Friendship Group, made a surprise donation of an African message drum to Miss Lufflum. Sheila, who had lived in West Africa for many years, said that the children and Miss Lufflum had shown such passion when they played last week that she was moved to donate the drum.
It is a model of the Jola drum, eyembele, that the villagers use to send out important messages as well as for celebration dances. The Oussouye Jolas (in the south of Senegal) do not traditionally use small drums for communicating and dancing.  The eyembele is massive, coming up to waist height, made from the trunk of a kapok tree, hollowed out and with just a slit at the top.
It makes a huge, deep resonating sound when it is hit with sticks along the top. Sheila was given the miniature by the people whom she helped to start a writers club in their language. They chose the eyembele as their symbol because it is used for communicating.

Here is an old photo of the Jolas dancing to the rythmn of the eyembele; you can see how big it is.
The drum will be treasured here at Swaffield.

 Knight School Visit to the Friendship Group, West Side Church

The summer term’s Knight School visited the Friendship Group at West Side Church recently. Together they shared what they were good at and what they became in later life or in the children’s case what they aspire to be when they grow up. For example, one of the boys who wants to be doctor, took some writing and art to share. It was great to swap experiences. Three of the girls shared their skill of singing and dancing. Sheila sang a song in Joala and Joan F showed her ballroom dancing.

Talking about what they are good at brought some big surprises; when one of the boys showed his skills at break dancing who would have thought that Joan Fellows, who’s in her eighties, would give him competition! The end of the visit brought another revelation. The children and Friendship Group had planned a surprise party and spent the last ten minutes dancing together to celebrate Miss Ford’s birthday. The Friendship Group told Miss Crolle afterwards that the children had really lifted their spirits and that they’d woken up the next day still smiling from their visit. Here are some photos:

World Cup Assembly

On 10th June we had a whole school assembly about the World Cup.  Miss Crolle shared an A to Z of facts about Brazil and the World Cup and Mrs Nejand talked about supporting teams even when they’re different from those your friends support.  Against a backdrop of the 1966 World Cup Final and with some well-known World Cup songs, the children got in the mood.

Messy Easter

On Sunday 23rd March, more than 70 Swaffield pupils and their families joined West Side Church for a “Messy Easter”. Through arts, crafts, games, cookery and gardening they were able to learn about The Story Of Easter.
Rosie Pyke, Leader at West Side Church said “We loved having the children and their families join us. It was wonderful to see them having so much fun. It was so successful we are already planning another Messy Activity for the summer term. ”

In this slideshow, you can see all the fun things that the children did. From activities such as making Easter cards, Easter chocolate nests, bracelets, key rings and balloon crafts through to playing games including an Egg & Spoon Race and Easter Egg Hunts. After watching the Easter story, 16 Swaffield pupils took part in role playing the story on stage to their families and church members.

Miss Crolle was delighted when Sainsbury’s in Garratt Lane donated lots of beautiful flowers with which she made 82 spring bouquets to give to the old folk at Hazel Court Nursing Home and Westside Church. This kind donation helped us to bring some spring sunshine to our community on these recent visits:

Visit to Hazel Court Nursing Home by Class 1E
On 18th March, the residents of Hazel Court were thrilled to hear all about Ancient Egypt when Class 1E went to visit them. The children shared their work and gave the old folk bunches of flowers to brighten their day.

Spring Concert at Westside Church

Our Year 2 Choir performed in a spring concert at Westside Church on 19th March. Afterwards they spoke to some of the elderly audience and gave them flowers.  One of the people who the children met was John Cox. He was a pupil at Swaffield in the 1940’s and was delighted to tell the class about his memories of the school windows being blown out by bombs during the war.

Visit to Westside Church Friendship Group by Swaffield’s Knight School
On 12th February, Knight School paid a visit to the Friendship Group Over 60’s Club at Westside Church.  The children and old folk shared what their hobbies were and what they were good at. They played board games together (Old & New), listened to a story, had an inspection, explained what Knight School is all about, made cakes and shared them. Here are some photos of the visit:

We celebrated Chinese New Year on Friday 31st January 2014 with two assemblies led by Miss Crolle.
Nursery and Reception children enjoyed their special assembly in which some of the children dressed up and told us facts that they had learnt.  This included a Chinese proverb which says if you have an old person in your family you have treasure that money cannot buy. Nursery children had built a beautiful Chinese dragon which they used to perform the Dragon Dance.

KS1 & KS2 children heard 15 interesting facts about the Chinese New Year which included that the Chinese clean their houses from top to bottom ready for the New Year and then put the brushes away so that the good luck isn’t swept away. They also learnt of the importance of the number 8 in Chinese culture and that because of this the Beijing Olympics was started precisely at eight minutes and eight seconds past eight o’clock on the eighth day of the eighth month in 2008.
Click here to see the photos.  

Swaffield Junior Choir – Christmas 2013
Swaffield is a community school and the role we play in our local community is very important to us.  Our thoughts are often with the elderly in local centres and homes and this is particularly the case at Christmas.  We know how much they love hearing and joining in carol singing. So, in the run up to Christmas this year, the Junior Choir went out and about singing locally to help spread some festive cheer. 

The choir has visited the Friendship Group at West Side Church, The Hazeldene Home for the Elderly and Hestia Age Concern where their lovely singing was enjoyed by all. The children spoke afterwards about making the elderly feel happy, giving them gifts which cannot be bought in shops – the gift of joy, the gift of a smile and the gift of singing.

Rt Hon Sadiq Khan MP Christmas Card Competition
In December 2013, we were delighted that one of our pupils won this borough-wide competition. You can read more about it and see the winning design here.