Assessment & Monitoring


The way we assess the attainment and progress of children in schools is changing from September 2014. We are moving away from using National Curriculum levels (Level 1, Level 2 etc) and instead will be making judgements about achievement in relation to age related expectations, as described by the new National Curriculum. The details are still being developed and it is expected that this year will be a transition year, as we move from one system to another. What remains the same however are our principles of assessment. You can read an extract from our current Assessment Policy which describes these here. We will of course keep you up to date as decisions are made.

Statutory National Assessments

End of Early Years:  The Foundation Stage Profile is a summative assessment of what children have achieved by the end of the Reception year.
End of Key Stage 1 and 2: National tests and teacher assessments of  Reading, Writing,  Maths and Science take place at the end of Years 2 & 6. The results are reported to parents at the end of the school year.