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Eco Award

he Eco Award is given for commitment to sustainability, and in keeping with its ethos, the award itself is made out of recycled yoghurt pots.
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Lilley Award for Literary Excellence

The Lilley Award for Literary Excellence recognises ongoing prowess in all aspects of literacy (including reading, writing, discussion, and presentation).
This award was introduced by our headteacher, Mrs Lilley, in the academic year 2016-17.
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Shires Shield

The Shires Shield is presented each year for excellence in maths. The award is named after our former Deputy Head, Mrs Shires.
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The Kilby Cup

The Kilby Cup is names after an ex-pupil, Roger Kilby, who attended Swaffield in the 1950s.
Each year we award the Kilby Cup to children who have made a really positive contribution to sports in the school.
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Arts Award

The annual arts award was introduced by Mrs Penny Oakley, a former Deputy Head of Swaffield.
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