Swaffield School

Amazing Science Entrepreneurs

  This has been an phenomenal term for Swaffield science.

  During our celebration of British Science Week at the beginning of      March, each year group was given a small budget and a challenge to put their scientific knowledge to good use. The children (and teachers) were tasked with inventing, testing, producing, marketing, and selling a product. Every child from Nursery to Year 6 has been involved in the process.

In the last couple of weeks, the creativity and range of products became evident when the selling began. You will have seen evidence of the advertising campaigns that the children put together; hopefully your eye was caught by the colourful and engaging posters. But the campaigns weren't restricted to those! Some of the children scripted and filmed adverts which they emailed to teachers for them to share with their classes. Others even showed their advert in assembly! What a creative group they are!

Our amazing science entrepreneurs from Nursery to Year 6 turned £ into £££ by creating, marketing, and selling stunning products: cake pops, fart putty, UVA bead bracelets, slime, stress balls, bath bombs, and popcorn, Wow!

You won't yet have seen the products of our Reception classes but don't worry, they are science entrepreneurs too. The children in Sun Bear and Gazelle classes have planted seeds which they are carefully nurturing and we are looking forward to a lovely crop of fresh herbs next term; perfectly timed for the (hopefully) warmer weather.

We'd like to thank parents, carers and families for their support - you've helped the children raise a lot of money which will be used to buy new books across the school. Year 4 has already spent £250 of their profits and have ingeniously managed to buy well over 200 books with it! We're sure you'll agree that this is going to benefit our children enormously!

Here are some of the children's comments:

"It was fun and educational at the same time;
we saw the process of the liquids turning into solids"

"The science was interesting because I didn't know what to
expect from the reaction of the mixture and ingredients."