Home School Agreement

When your child enters the school you will be given a copy of this Home-School Agreement, along with other information, and you will be asked to read the content so that you can appreciate the undertaking the school will make and the expectations that the school have from you as a parent or carer and from your child.

The School

We will:

•  Maintain a safe, healthy and disciplined environment
•  Ensure our practices and procedures to safeguard your child are effective
•  Provide a stimulating, challenging, broad and balanced curriculum in line with the National Curriculum
•  Contact you if there is a concern about your child’s wellbeing, attendance or punctuality
•  Set homework on a regular basis in line with the school’s homework policy
•  Provide the opportunity, at least twice a year, for you to view your child’s work and discuss his/her progress and provide you with a written report of your child’s progress once a year
•  Provide the opportunity to discuss any individual issues or concerns that you might have
•  Respond to any complaints in writing as soon as possible and with sensitivity
•  Provide a range of extra-curricular activities


The Family

I/We will:

•  Support the school in maintaining good behaviour by following procedures and helping my child to keep the school rules
•  Support my child with their homework and other opportunities for home learning in line with the school’s homework policy
•  Ensure regular attendance and punctuality in line with the legal requirement
•  Inform the school of the reasons for any absence
•  Collect my child from school on time
•  Inform the school of any change of address or emergency contact numbers
•  Ensure my child wears the correct school uniform
•  Inform the school of any changes in circumstances which may affect my child’s learning
•  Attend parents’ evenings and other discussions about my/our child’s progress
•  Ensure we do not take holidays during term time

The Child

I will:

•  Always do my best and take pride in my work
•  Treat everyone in school as I would want them to treat me
•  Follow both the school and class rules
•  Always ask adults when I need help
•  Always wear the correct uniform
•  Complete any homework I am given and return it to school on time
•  Take letters and other communications home promptly and bring back responses