Home School Agreement

When your child enters the school you will be given a copy of this Home-School Agreement, along with other information, and you will be asked to read the content so that you can appreciate the undertaking the school will make and the expectations that the school have from you as a parent or carer and from your child.

The School

We will:

• contact the family if there is a concern about a child’s wellbeing, attendance or punctuality

• provide a high standard of education, accessible to all and differentiated to meet the children’s needs;
set homework on a regular basis in line with the school’s homework policy

• maintain a safe, healthy and disciplined environment to ensure the safety all children  and ensure they
understand their rights and responsibilities under our School Charter

• provide opportunities for you to view your child’s work and discuss their progress

• provide the opportunity to discuss any individual concerns you might have

The Family

We will:

• ensure regular attendance and punctuality in line with the legal requirement and ensure that
we do not take holidays during term time

• support our child with their homework and other opportunities for home learning in line
with the school’s homework policy

• support the school in maintaining good behaviour, ensure our child wears the correct school
uniform and help our child uphold the School Charter

• attend parents’ evenings and other discussions about our child’s progress

• inform the school of any changes in circumstances, including change of address or
emergency contact numbers, or any issue which may affect our child’s learning

The Child

I will:

• make sure I attend school regularly and punctually

• always do  my best and take pride in my work  and complete any homework
I am given and return it to school on time

• treat everyone in school which respect, always wear the correct uniform and follow the School Charter

• take letters and other communications home promptly and bring back responses

• tell an adult if I am worried or upset and ask for help if I need it