Reception – Welcome!

Reception is part of the foundation stage at school and you can read more about that here.
Reception children need to line up in the top playground in time for the first bell which goes at 8.47am. A longer bell goes at 8.50am which is the start of the school day.

School starts for Reception children at 8.50am and finishes at 3.05pm.


Class D – Mr Wright (Teacher) and Dr Bery (TA)

Class E – Mrs Nejand (Teacher) / Mrs Sodeau (Teacher) and Mrs Watling (TA)

Class F – Miss Deakin (Teacher) and Mrs Mehiri (TA)

Welcome to the Spring Term 2018


At the beginning of term, we sent home our Reception News for the Spring Term  and our Reception Spring Term Topic Web for this term outlining what we’ll be covering this term.

Our themes this term are Travel (before half term) and Pirates (after half term).




  • Friday 23rd March: please come along to our Spring Assembly (approximate timings: 9.05am to 9.25am) in the Bottom Hall where Nursery and Reception will be doing a song and a poem
  • Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th March – Parents’ Evening – by appointment
  • Please also check Dates for Your Diary and Term Dates



School uniform and P.E. kit is compulsory. All clothing (including hats, scarves) must be labelled with your child’s name and class. Reception children do not usually need trainers for P.E. other than sports day and other special events.

Summer Term: we’ll be making good use of our outside space this term. Please ensure your child has a clearly-named sunhat and is wearing sun cream (when hot).

Follow this link for information about uniform and our price list and the link to our supplier where you can purchase uniform featuring the Swaffield School logo.


We will post photos from Reception here. Please also check the Gallery page for photos.



The children will be in the next phase of ReadWriteInc and will be working in groups across the three Reception classes. Each group will be focussing on a specific area and the homework that is sent home at the end of the week will reflect what they have been learning in their group.

Your child will be offered a fruit/vegetable snack at morning break time. No other snacks are permitted.
Milk is available break time for those who have signed up to the Cool Milk service. Milk is free for under 5’s as well as those who get free school meals and subsidised for all other primary school children. When your child turns five years old, please ensure you’ve registered and paid if you would like your child to continue to get school milk. Find out more including how to register by visiting

Lunch for Reception pupils is from 12.15pm to 1.15pm.  You’ll receive a copy of the school lunch menu which runs on a 3-week cycle. You’re required to write on a slip of paper what you want your child to eat and send this in daily. Follow this link for information about school lunch and the current menu.

Children in Reception receive a FREE SCHOOL MEAL, which is funded by the Government. A separate registration form must be completed for this. Your child may have a packed lunch, provided by you, if you prefer. Please make sure this is in a clearly named container (not a plastic bag) and that it complies with our School Meal and Packed Lunch Policy. You may decide on a half-termly basis whether your child will have school lunch or packed lunch; any changes must be notified in writing to the School Office before the end of each half term. It is not possible to change on a daily or weekly basis.

The school day ends at 3.05pm for Reception children. Please collect your child promptly from the classroom on the ground floor. Please phone the School Office if you are delayed. Children who are not collected at 3.05pm will be taken to the School Office to wait for you.
If you’ve arranged for someone else to collect your child please inform the class teacher, teaching assistant or office staff in advance.


You can read more about homework and our expectations for each year group here.

Follow this link to find out more about reading and books or download a suggested reading list for Reception and Nursery here.



You’ll be invited to meet your child’s class teacher for a private 10 minute appointment to discuss progress in October and March.
If you wish to see the teacher at any other time, please make an appointment by phoning the School Office or speak to the teacher when dropping off or collecting your child. If your child accompanies you to this meeting, he/she and any other siblings are expected to stay with you at all times and go into the classroom with you for your meeting.


Swaffield is a ‘healthy school’ and we don’t allow sweets, chocolates or cakes (including birthday cakes) to be brought into class. If you wish, you can send in a plate of fruit or donate a book to your child’s class and write a birthday message inside.



If you are concerned after dropping off your child please phone the School Office on 020 8874 2825, please do not go back to the classroom.

You should have received this induction booklet for Reception here which gives you more information about where to line up in the morning, the school routine and how to help your child settle in.