Our school travel plan is concerned with promoting active, healthy, safe, sustainable travel to school.
The overarching aims of the school travel plan are to:
Improve safety

  • Through highway engineering measures on local streets
  • Through improving driver behaviour
  • Through developing pupils skills and understanding

Improve health

  • Reducing car dependency by promoting active travel
  • Reducing pollution in the immediate vicinity of the school


Protect and enhance the environment

  • Reduce emissions from road traffic to reduce greenhouse gases and other pollutants
  • Improve amenities for pedestrians and cyclists

Enhance access and opportunities
Pupils develop skills for safe, independent travel e.g. route planning, cycle training, pedestrian training, personal safety

  • Pupils develop skills relating to the development of policy
  • Pupils experience encounters with different departments of local government and learn about the services available to them

Our School travel plan has been approved by Transport for London and helps Swaffield School deliver the Every Child Matters Outcomes Framework through its objectives and action plan.

Early Bird Week is an initiative to improve punctuality. Wanda is our ‘Walk to School’ bear and is given each week to the class that has the most children walking to school.