Knight School

Where in Swaffield might you find thank you letters sent on behalf of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II?
Next time you’re near the School Office, look in the Knight School folder on the table and on the display outside classroom 1D.  There, you’ll find two letters sent to us on behalf of The Queen by her Lady-in-Waiting.  The letters thank us for keeping her Majesty up-to-date with the achievements of our Knight School, and form part of our display about the programme.

What is Knight School?

The Knight School Foundation was developed by Gary Brown MBE, a former policeman, in Rutland, Lincolnshire and we believe Swaffield is the only school running the programme in London at present. Swaffield’s pupils and parents have enjoyed its benefits since 2008 and it’s a special programme that is run by Miss Ford, Miss Desai and Miss Crolle.

It aims to teach boys and girls (six boys and six girls per course) old-fashioned British values which will support them in the modern day. These values are based on the Knights’ Code of Conduct and Chivalry.

The Knight School programme promotes pride, courtesy and respect by encouraging parents and children to take responsibility for their actions.

Its focus is on human empathy, social learning and positive role modelling. Chivalry is not simply compliance with certain codes of conduct; it is the embodiment of moral values and standards of behaviour. We aim to raise children’s confidence and self-esteem too.



What do the children do?

Since it began, we estimate that 240 children have passed through the Knight School Programme.
The children are selected and each group participates in 1½ hour sessions over a period of, usually, 11 weeks.

When they join, each child is given a Knight’s or a Lady’s name, such as Villiars or Guinevere, to help them enter into the spirit of the programme.

Every week, the children participate in a range of activities which in the past have included marching, team-building, visits to the Friendship Group at West Side Church, cookery, looking after pets, visits from the police, ‘Motivate You’ from Life Coach Dawn Kendall, as well as other individual exercises and skills.

Towards the end of the programme, the children invite senior members of staff from Swaffield to attend a tea party as Knight School’s guests of honour. The children prepare and serve the food, sit with their guests and enjoy chatting to them after which the members of Knight School tidy up and wash up. The finale of each programme is a wonderful occasion to which parents and carers are invited and the children are officially knighted.

When we started Knight School at Swaffield, we wrote to her Majesty The Queen to let her know about the new initiative.  Imagine our delight when we received a reply, which told us that her Majesty was impressed by our aims for Knight School in instilling important values in our children. In subsequent years, we’ve sent updates to The Queen to inform her of the success of our programme and are pleased to report that we always get encouraging replies.

BBC London Radio visited Swaffield in 2009 to find out more about Swaffield’s Knight School which started in 2008. Listen to the interview here: