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The staff at Swaffield believes that children will progress and thrive in a disciplined setting with a happy, hardworking atmosphere.

Learning to live and work together is a very important and valuable part of schooling.

We try to teach tolerance, co-operation and a sure knowledge of what is right and wrong in social behaviour. The aim is to create an atmosphere in which everyone feels safe from bullying, sexism, racism and inappropriate behaviour.

We emphasise the positive reinforcement of good behaviour rather than focusing on sanctions and punishments. All pupils are expected to behave in a responsible manner both in relation to themselves and others, showing consideration and respect for other people at all times. We want pupils at Swaffield to learn about their rights and feel empowered throughout their education. We recognise that rights and responsibilities are equally balanced and encourage our pupils to take responsibility for their actions in order to develop an awareness of how they affect the rights of others.

School Charter

We have a "School Charter" which is used to emphasise these rights and responsibilities. Individual classes will discuss and agree their own "Class Charter" based on the following:-

Please read number 1 of RIGHTS followed by number 1 of Responsibilities and so on...

     Rights                                                    Responsibilities                                          

  • We have a right to be heard
  • We have a responsibility to listen and to tell the truth
  • We have a right to friends
  • We have a responsibility to include others in games and make sure others have friends too
  • We have a right to be kept safe from harm
  • We have a responsibility to behave sensibly and keep ourselves and others safe
  • We have the right to a clean environment
  • We have a responsibility to look after our school
  • We have the right not to be hurt
  • We have a responsibility to be kind and gentle

When children join the school we expect parents and children to sign a home/school agreement. This recognises the responsibilities of both the school and parents for the effective education of the children.

Click HERE to read or download our School Rules.

Our Behaviour Management Policy is reviewed annually and the latest version is on our POLICIES page