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My name is Liz Love and I am the Chair of Governors
here at Swaffield School.

My job is to ensure that the business of the Governing Body is conducted properly and in accordance with legal requirements. I meet regularly with the headteacher and take an active interest in what happens at Swaffield.

Contact the governors

Email to: governors@swaffield.wandsworth.sch.uk or in writing via the School Office

The Governing Body is made up of governors from all walks of life and includes:

  • head teacher
  • elected parent governors
  • elected staff governor
  • local authority governor
  • co-opted governors

Key Governor Information

Here is our Governance Impact Statement 2017-18 for last academic year.

Please read our latest Governor's Update to Parents (Spring Term each year).

Please see the table below that shows the Governors' Register of Interests and Attendance

You can read the Governors' Vision for Swaffield School here.

The Governors' Responsibilities

The Governing Body has many specific responsibilities as defined in the School Governance Regulations and laid out in the school's Delegation File. These responsibilities include:

  • The responsibility for the conduct of the school
  • Setting targets in standards and achievement
  • Statutory responsibilities regarding Special Educational Needs & Disability
  • Ensuring policies relating to the school’s operation are prepared and are reviewed regularly
  • Providing information for parents
  • Financial management and meeting the SFVS
  • Personnel matters, including staff appointments as appropriate
  • Management and maintenance of buildings
  • Pupil discipline and behaviour
  • Monitoring and evaluating the activities of the school
  • Drawing up an Action Plan after an inspection by Ofsted and overseeing its implementation
  • The Governing Body delegates all of its functions to a committee and most of the day to day decisions to the Headteacher.

You can read/download our Governors' Code of Conduct here.

Are you interested in becoming a governor?
Then contact either myself or Miss Hamilton in the first instance and we can arrange to meet for a chat. There is always a need for dedicated and committed members of the public, the local community and parents to serve as governors supporting this wonderful school that is definitely 'In a Class of its Own'.

Swaffield Board of Governors

The members of our Board of Governors are listed below.

You can find out more information about each governor including the committees they serve on, the areas for which they are link governors, terms of office and the register of business interests or relationship with staff by opening this PDF document.

If you'd prefer a Word version, you can open one here.

If you'd like to have a paper copy of this document, please email the School Office on swaffield@wandsworth.sch.uk or call us on the number at the top of the page.

Head Teacher:

  • Ms Julia Hamilton

Local Authority Governor:

  • Mr Yusuf Chadun (SEND Governor) [Chair, Curriculum & Performance Committee]

Parent Governors:

  • Mr Milton Cogheil
  • Mr Oliver Saunders

Staff Governor:

  • Mrs Sue Medhurst

Co-opted Governors:

  • Ms Liz Love: Chair of Governors (Safeguarding)
  • Mrs Leah Gwynne: Vice Chair of Governors
  • Mrs Jennifer Townsend [Chair, Finance & Resources Committee]
  • Mr Jonathan Fox
  • Mr Jon Lane
  • Mr Brendan Conway
  • Ms Anna Pierssene
  • Mrs Deborah Nejand
  • Mr David Ring

Clerk / Advisor:

  • Mr Mark Suter

Operational Committees include:

  • Curriculum & Performance
  • Finance & Resources
  • Pay

Statutory Committees include:

  • Appointments
  • Performance Management
  • Staff Discipline & Dismissals
  • Pupil Discipline & Exclusions
  • All committees report directly to the Full Governing Body.
  • The Curriculum & Performance Meetings are also once a term and start at 5pm.

Governor Information

Details for governors and their attendance for last academic year can be read here.

Details for the current academic year (2018/2019) are shown below.

Name Date Appointed

Serving on Committee
Finance & Resources (F&R)
Curriculum & Performance (C&P)

Attendance Record 2018/19 Position of Responsibility Link Appointed By / Category of Governor Term of Office Expires Register of Business Interests or Relationship with Staff Declared
Liz Love 2006 F&R, C&P, Pay 6 of 6 Chair of Governors
  • Safeguarding
  • Early Years
  • Equality & Diversity
  • Behaviour & Attendance
Co-opted by Governing Body 27/11/2020
Julia Hamilton 1/9/18 F&R, C&P, Pay 6 of 6 Head Teacher Head Teacher -
Yusuf Chadun 2016 C&P 3 of 4 Chair of C&P Committee
  • SEND & Inclusion
  • Y4-Y6 English
LA Appointed 21/06/2020
Anna Pierssene 2011 C&P 4 of 4 Deputy Head (Inclusion) Co-opted by Governing Body 01/06/2019
Debbie Nejand N/A C&P 4 of 4 Head of Early Years Co-opted by Governing Body 12/07/2021
Jonathan Fox 2014 F&R, Pay 3 of 4 Health & Safety Co-opted by Governing Body 15/11/2021
Jennifer Townsend 2014 F&R 4 of 4

Chair of F&R 


Schools Financial Value Standard (SFVS) Co-opted by Governing Body 20/03/2023
Leah Gwynne 2014 C&P 4 of 4 Vice Chair (elected 28.11.18)
  • Y1-Y3 English
  • Science
Co-opted by Governing Body 27/11/2021
Brendan Conway 2013 C&P 2 of 4 Co-opted by Governing Body 01/03/2021 Property Development & Technology Companies
Sue Medhurst 2010 C&P 4 of 4
  • Early Years
  • The Arts
Staff - elected 01/03/2021
Jonathan Lane 2015 C&P 4 of 4
  • Y4 - Y6 maths
  • PE
Co-opted by Governing Body 02/12/2019
Milton Cogheil 22/3/17 C&P 3 of 4 Y1 - Y3 Maths Parent - elected 01/02/2021
Oli Saunders 22/3/17 F&R 4 of 4 Parent - elected 01/02/2021
David Ring 20/3/19 C&P 2 of 2 Deputy Head (Teaching & Learning) Co-opted by Governing Body 20/3/2023

Meeting dates for Academic Year 2018/19*

All meetings could be subject to change but we do endeavour to keep to this format so that the committees can then feed back to the Full Governors’ meeting.

Finance & Resources Meetings are once a term and start at 6pm. There is always an extra meeting specifically to approve the budget at the end of March and there may be occasions when other meetings may need to be called depending on circumstance.

Full Governors' Meetings are usually only once a term and start at 6pm

Paperwork and agendas will be sent out prior to the meetings.

Summer Term 2019 Meeting Dates

Curriculum & Performance Committee - Tuesday 21st May 2019 at 5pm

Finance & Resources CommitteeTuesday 11th June 2019 at 6pm

Full Governing Body - Wednesday 26th June 2019 at 6pm


Meeting dates for Academic Year 2019/20*

 Autumn Term 2019 Meeting 

Curriculum & Performance Committee  - Wednesday 16th October at 5pm

Finance & Resources Committee- Wednesday 6th November at 6pm

Full Governing Body - Wednesday 27th November at 6pm

Spring Term 2020

Curriculum & Performance Committee - Wednesday 12th February at 5pm

Finance & Resources Committee - Wednesday 4th March at 6pm

Full Governing Body - Wednesday 18th March at 6pm

Summer Term 2020

Curriculum & Performance Committee- Wednesday 20th May at 5pm

Finance & Resources Committee - Wednesday 10th June at 6pm

Full Governing Body - Wednesday 24th June at 6pm